The Resilient Kind is a two-day course, working with artists and industry professionals to prepare them for a career in music.

Expanding on the media training offered when an artist signs a deal, the resilience training Music and You provide will cover a multitude of areas, from looking at how to achieve peak performance when on the road, how to operate at your best, how to utilize your character strengths, the company you keep and how it can serve or hinder you, working through career ambitions and an expanded media training to also incorporate dealing with social media.

Through the two-day resilient kind course, we equip artists with the tools and techniques to be able to deal with both the demands and the challenges that a career in music can present.


The Resilient Kind course, runs yearly in London during Mental Health Awareness Week, over the Saturday and Sunday.

Additional yearly courses will run in Los Angeles from 2021 and Sydney from 2022.

There are additional options for artists to also have ongoing support with a career coach, following the 2-day course, to continue to build on that resilient mindset.