Live Live 360 is an initiative launched in association with Lewis Capaldi and Interlude artists, to provide mental health and well-being support to artists, touring crews and the music community in a variety of ways.

No matter the size of venue, tour or festival, the Live Live 360 Project works to ensure the mental health and well-being of everyone is fully supported, so that everyone is able to enjoy the show, be it in advance of the show, during the show or after.

Each of the ways the Live Live project works, is outlined in the sections below


Live Live 360 helps provide support for concert goers and venues to ensure that anyone in attendance at a gig, festival or event who may be struggling with emotional issues is fully supported, so that they are able to enjoy the performance, or have safe passage out of the show should they be struggling. Support includes, but is not limited to:

  • A support desk to offer emotional support and answer any queries
  • A safe space for those experiencing a panic/anxiety attack, to work through with a mental health professional
  • A buddy system to support anyone who may be attending a show on their own
  • A helpline to answer any queries ahead of the show.
  • Mental health escorts to help provide safe passage into and out of venue


Live Live 360 offers additional support for those touring parties and festival organisers who may not have the budget to take a mental health and / or wellness professional on the road, or have present at the festival.

Working with the team in advance of the tour / festival, we help to identify the needs and requirements of the touring party and explore all the ways to incorporate well-being and mental health support and practices for the crew and artist/s across the tour / festival dates to ensure the touring party are able to continue to operate at their best throughout the run of shows.

Additional consultations are available to the tour manager / touring crew to help with ongoing planning through the tour, or to help advance future legs of the tour.


The mental health and well-being of artists and touring crews on the road is integral to ensure a healthy and successful tour. To ensure this, Live Live 360 offers a wide variety of support to touring parties on the road for artists and the touring crew. This support includes:

  • A mental health professional on the road, to provide emotional support to the whole touring party and help work through any issues.
  • A variety of wellness professionals (personal trainers, yoga and pilate instructors etc) to support the physical well-being of the touring party.
  • Nutritionists to help the touring party are consuming the right things to operate at their best.
  • Vocal coaches and doctors to help support performance related health

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